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YouCam Perfect – Selfie Pro Download and Review

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Pro Download and Review

Who does not want a camera that lets them take the perfect selfies! And in this age where taking selfies have become an integral part of our lifestyle, it is imperative that we have the perfect application on our smartphones to make us look perfect. There are many editing applications that are available but having the same features in our camera id much more fun and easier. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Pro is one such app that lets you click the perfect selfie in itself.

Cyber Link has developed many apps that have become the essential apps to have on our devices, and YouCam Perfect is one such app. However, Cyber Link is not the direct distributor of this app for Android devices, but that responsibility lies with Perfect Corp. Their instant photo booth and editor perfectly suit our needs.

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This app is one cutting-edge application. It is the perfect blend of editor and camera app that hides all those blemishes and makes us look beautiful.

To begin with, it has real-time beautifying option. It takes effect right when you are clicking the app so that every shot you take is flawless. And with this particular feature you can also take selfie videos.

It has a multi-face editor. When you take a selfie, the AI locates all the faces and beautifies all the faces simultaneously. And you can choose from a range of 6 different filters to apply to the image that you are going to take.

The editor makes your dry and flaky skin glow and makes all those blemishes and fine lines disappear. You can even add blush and remove that unnecessary oiliness from your skin with simple taps. 

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