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Photo Editor: Review And Download

Photo Editor: Review And Download

Our Smartphones are not complete until and unless they have a good photo editor. We want to upload our pictures on social networking sites and share those with our friends instantly. And this does not allow us the time to transfer the photos to our PCs and then edit them and then upload. We are a mobile device dependent generation. So it is imperative that we have a good photo editing app on our phone. And there are a plethora of applications to choose from. Photo Editor is one of the options that you may consider.

Photo Editor is one of the easiest apps for editing pictures with simple taps. This app has features that let you make manual changes in the image. There are preset filters too so that you can edit the photos with ease.


Photo Editor has a vast range of tools. To begin with, you can crop, rotate and resize your photos. Apart from these basics tools you also have a little more advanced options, like color adjustments, brightness control, contrast controls, saturation controls and more. There are drawing tools as well that let you draw on pictures as well as adding text to them.

The app offers curves interface which makes it easier for the users to tune the colors in the images. You can change the perspective of the picture, but this can only be done as far as the original perspective frame of the original image allows.

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For portraits of people, there is red-eye correction tool and backlight options to make your photo seem brighter and more attractive. You also have tools that let you blur or brighten or darken and even vignette particular areas of the picture you are editing. And to make it easier for you to get that perfect edit the developers Dev McGyver have incorporated the pinch and zoom feature. That said, there is a myriad of filters that you use. Using these filters, you can make your pictures look like oil paintings or even posters or pencil sketches. It all is available right from the app without any additional downloads. You can even make GIF images with this app.

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