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Photo Editor by Aviary Download And Review

Photo Editor by Aviary Download And Review

The importance of having a photo editing application on your Android device can not be emphasized enough. It is quite essential for us, millennials, to have one because we want the world to know what we are doing right then and there. And what better option than sharing images of us doing the things that we do! But before we take a picture to share, we first need to make sure that the photo is no lesser than a photo clicked by a professional. And this marks the entrance of the photo editing applications. Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the most powerful and compact photo editing application across platforms. And now let us take a look at the reason behind it being one of the best.

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YouCam Perfect – Selfie Pro Download and Review

YouCam Perfect – Selfie Pro Download and Review

Who does not want a camera that lets them take the perfect selfies! And in this age where taking selfies have become an integral part of our lifestyle, it is imperative that we have the perfect application on our smartphones to make us look perfect. There are many editing applications that are available but having the same features in our camera id much more fun and easier. YouCam Perfect – Selfie Pro is one such app that lets you click the perfect selfie in itself.

Cyber Link has developed many apps that have become the essential apps to have on our devices, and YouCam Perfect is one such app. However, Cyber Link is not the direct distributor of this app for Android devices, but that responsibility lies with Perfect Corp. Their instant photo booth and editor perfectly suit our needs.

youcam perfect


This app is one cutting-edge application. It is the perfect blend of editor and camera app that hides all those blemishes and makes us look beautiful.

To begin with, it has real-time beautifying option. It takes effect right when you are clicking the app so that every shot you take is flawless. And with this particular feature you can also take selfie videos.

It has a multi-face editor. When you take a selfie, the AI locates all the faces and beautifies all the faces simultaneously. And you can choose from a range of 6 different filters to apply to the image that you are going to take.

The editor makes your dry and flaky skin glow and makes all those blemishes and fine lines disappear. You can even add blush and remove that unnecessary oiliness from your skin with simple taps. 

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Photo Editor Pro Download And Review

Photo Editor Pro Download And Review

Ours is the age of fast paced actions and digital sharing. And we can not help but share moments of our lives on our social networking accounts. And we want the world to know what we are doing right then. But the photos that we click are not always of the right consistency or articulate enough to express our feelings. Hence, we are in this dire need of having a photo editor on your mobile devices. Yes, our phones are smart, and they more often than not come with an internal photo editing function. But our need transcends that, and we are on the lookout for a better option. Photo Editor Pro is one image editing application for Android devices that comes real handy at times like this.

Photo Editor Pro is developed by Zentertain, who specialize in creating image editing tools. They have some apps for photo editing and making collages as well a few music related apps too. Photo Editor Pro is perhaps their best creation and one of the most popular one as well. The app has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play Store alone. This clearly shows the popularity of the app among the users.

photo editor pro


This app has all the essential tools that you might need for your standard editing needs. It is has one simple user interface that guides the amateur photographers and editors.

The photo editing tools that they provide are enough to satisfy most people. They have options for cropping, rotating images. The crop feature comes with predefined aspect ratios as well which makes it easier for the users to select a particular section of the picture.

Photo Editor Pro comes with tools that let you draw and add texts to your photos. They also have this ‘color splash‘ feature which is a significant addition. And one thing that makes this particular application is that they have no other functionality other than editing photos. So you are not unnecessarily diverted to collage making and other tools. It is fast; it is sleek, and it is good at what it does.

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However, the best part about this app is that they have ‘One Tap Enhancer‘. Using this simple tool you can instantly adjust the backlight of the picture you just clicked on your phone and make some more additional touch-ups that are required to make the photo eligible to share with your friends on social networking sites.

You may get the app installed on your Android device by following this link: Download Photo Editor Pro


While there are many positive sides to this app, there are a few aspects which will let you down. For starters, this app requires the users to download additional files for getting the frames and stickers collection.

The ad pop-ups are enough to get on your nerves as they appear across the screen every time you open the app or finish editing an image. But this again is a necessary evil for the developers because it is the ads that bring in the profit.


Zentertain’s Photo Editor Pro is perfect for all the people need the necessary tools to make their images look brighter and better and get a professional look with simple steps. But if you are a professional photographer, this app might not be sufficient enough to fulfill your needs.

Photo Editor: Review And Download

Photo Editor: Review And Download

Our Smartphones are not complete until and unless they have a good photo editor. We want to upload our pictures on social networking sites and share those with our friends instantly. And this does not allow us the time to transfer the photos to our PCs and then edit them and then upload. We are a mobile device dependent generation. So it is imperative that we have a good photo editing app on our phone. And there are a plethora of applications to choose from. Photo Editor is one of the options that you may consider.

Photo Editor is one of the easiest apps for editing pictures with simple taps. This app has features that let you make manual changes in the image. There are preset filters too so that you can edit the photos with ease.


Photo Editor has a vast range of tools. To begin with, you can crop, rotate and resize your photos. Apart from these basics tools you also have a little more advanced options, like color adjustments, brightness control, contrast controls, saturation controls and more. There are drawing tools as well that let you draw on pictures as well as adding text to them.

The app offers curves interface which makes it easier for the users to tune the colors in the images. You can change the perspective of the picture, but this can only be done as far as the original perspective frame of the original image allows.

photo editor

For portraits of people, there is red-eye correction tool and backlight options to make your photo seem brighter and more attractive. You also have tools that let you blur or brighten or darken and even vignette particular areas of the picture you are editing. And to make it easier for you to get that perfect edit the developers Dev McGyver have incorporated the pinch and zoom feature. That said, there is a myriad of filters that you use. Using these filters, you can make your pictures look like oil paintings or even posters or pencil sketches. It all is available right from the app without any additional downloads. You can even make GIF images with this app.

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Photo Lab Picture Editor FX Review

Photo Lab Picture Editor FX Review

We live in the age of selfies and edited photos. It is only natural that there will be many photo editors that will compete to become our favorites. But it becomes tough to choose one from the seemingly endless list of applications that we get once we search for a photo editing app on the app store. We all want something special, an editor that will give us the edge over others and make our pictures more beautiful than ever. Photo Lab Picture Editor FX is one such app that does not only edit your picture, but it adds visual effects to your image so that it stands out from the other images.

VicMan LLC, the developer of this photo editing app, is one of the premier developers of photo editing applications for mobile devices. They also have a great set of sticker apps. While Photo Lab Picture Editor FX is free to download and use, they have a premium version of this same app with a slightly different name, Photo Lab PRO Photo Editor, which needs to be bought.


Photo Lab Picture Editor FX has a plethora of options and tools to use despite the app being free. It is rightly so that the app boasts about having one of the richest galleries of effects when it comes to editing images. They have over 500 cool effects in their store.

This app is incredibly easy to use and takes only a few moments to get that special touch to your images without having to go through the time-consuming process of editing images using a complicated professional tool. That said, it is obvious that you can not do all the things with this app that a professional tool is able to do, but what this editor has to offer is awesome nonetheless.

photo lab picture editor fx

You get to choose from a variety of photo frames; from the sweet and cute one to quirky and funny ones. And it goes without any doubt that they have an amazing collection of photo filters too. The filters can be applied to the image of your choice with simple taps.

It also comes with a face swapping tool. With this, you can easily take a picture of any person and turn them into characters like the famous Pirate Jack Sparrow. There are loads of such images. These photo montages are fun to create and share.

And then comes realistic photo effects. This particular tool lets you add an image of yourself or any person in a separate backdrop. But with the airbrush effect you can make it look realistic. So, take a photo of you and paste it on a picture of Hawaiian islands and make it look realistic at the same time.

And last but not the least is the user interface. The UI is simple to adjust. It is interactive as well, and it helps you in learning the different features that Photo Lab Picture Editor FX has to offer.

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Bottom Line:

Most users have expressed their happiness with the app. However, the only thing that seems to bug the users is the pop-up ad. It is a known fact that most apps that are listed in the app store for free install are grossly dependent on advertisements for profit and this app is no exception.

You may get this app installed on your Android device by following the link: Download Photo Lab Picture Editor FX

This app is a one-stop solution for your photo editing needs.