Mac Task Manager – Force Quit Apps from Mac [Activity Monitor]

Mac Task Manager – Force Quit Apps from Mac [Activity Monitor]

Task Manager Mac is also known as Activity Monitor in the Mac system. Activity Monitor is just as same as the Task Manager. It works with the same flow. However, where to find Task manager in Mac is the big confusion for a few of us.

There have been confusions in regards to the Task Manager Mac. We generally find the task manager option in the Windows operating system. It counts when you have recently switched from Windows to Mac. We window users when shift to Mac, often go through this confusions and issues between both the operating systems. We have switched to Mac, but we are probably struggling to get the Task Manager Mac in our Mac operating system. Yes, task manager does exist in Mac, but it has got a completely different name.

You probably want to check out Mac task manager aka’ Activity Monitor to kill some task that might me causing high disk usage or slowing down your mac machine.

Activity Monitor Mac/Task Manager Mac

Once you have known the methods to open the activity monitor, you can simply open or view the function within your Mac operating system. Going with the utility folder in the Mac operating system is the most commonly preferred method when it comes to opening the Task Manager Mac.

You need to remember that with the help of the Windows, you can simply get access to the Task Manager in the operating system. But what about the task manager mac. There are many ways to find the activity monitor in the Mac operating system.

•  As mentioned earlier, you will be able to find the activity monitor in the Utility folder or the option. You have to enter Applications>Utilities>Folder. Yet there are other ways and methods to launch it.
•  You can either open the app within the directory in your Mac operating system. The containing directory is the one that will help you to open the Activity Monitor.
•  Launchpad is another method that will certainly help you to view and open the activity monitor in the Mac operating system.
• Using the drag and dock method or also can go for the spotlight method.
•  Spotlight access for activity monitor is the easiest method or the simplest one that one can make use of.
•  It is possible that we are sometimes unable to follow the other methods, as we are new to Mac- as such times, the spotlight will arrive for your help.

Access Activity Monitor (Task Manager Mac) using spotlight

You just have press spacebar along with Command that will take you to the spotlight search space. Once arrived, just type Activity Monitor. Just like we search for apps and programs in our Windows operating system using the start or the run option. It works the same way! Once you are able to see the activity monitor, just select and enter the app. There you go, you have reached your destination!

What if the spotlight doesn’t work?

Here are is an alternative to note down-
•  Utilities is another preferred option, as mentioned already.
•  Otherwise, just click over the finder option, in Dock. You will find some applications on the side panel. Search for the applications file, click and you will find the utility option inside.

Mac is not as friendly as Windows PCs but you do not usually face common problems like high CPU usage, Lagging, Virus and Malware attack etc. on a Mac OS based PC or Laptop.

How to Force Quit applications from a Task Manager in Mac

Now if you are looking to kill high CPU usage app you can easily do it from the activity monitor alone, the activity monitor in mac works exactly the way task manager acts in windows, here from the activity manager windows you can check what is draining our your CPU or Ram and can kill the task by simply disabling the app on a right click.

  1. From the Activity Monitor click on the application you wish to stop.
  2. Here you will see a cross [X] button to kill the running task.
  3. As soon as you click the [X] button a pop up will appear confirming- want to quit the running task?. 
  4. Click- Quit.
  5. You can also force quit if the app is still running.

Task Manager Mac is now easy to access!

Now you can very easily access the Activity Monitor (Task Manager Mac) in no time with the above mentione methods. Just enter the Mac OS and let us learn something new with the Mac system. If you are new to Mac, this will surely help you!

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