Tinder vs Coffee Meets Bagel – Which One You Should Use

Tinder vs Coffee Meets Bagel – Which One You Should Use

I tried two hook-up apps so you won’t have to experiment | Tinder vs. Coffee Meets Bagel. This guide will give you help you choose which you should prefer.

Every other day we see a new dating app out there. For those of you who have not heard much about other dating apps than Tinder, I tried some out there for you. I first heard about an actual “relationship through a dating app” from a friend who was using Coffee Meets Bagel.  So here is my comparison in case you’re wondering what is better, Coffee Meets Bagel or Tinder.

How Tinder Works:

Tinder makes it super simple to select your match or your interest by swiping left or right. You can swipe left if you don’t like what you see. In case you want to like someone you can swipe right. But there is only one thing that will help you make your selection- pictures.

Also, it can get a bit frustrating if you don’t get a right swipe from the one you’ve liked. You both need to swipe each other right to initiate a conversation.

If you are looking for a serious hookup or to take things to a long-term level, you can look elsewhere. Tinder is most likely help you get some but nothing beyond it.

Also, you may face a roadblock if you have swiped a lot of profiles. You will be asked either to make some payments to go premium or try the next day again. It can be a bit disappointing.

How Coffee Meets Bagel Works: 

Tinder and Coffee meets Bagel are really different. We can’t say that it’s a total opposite but yes you can get some serious deal here. Unlike Tinder, the supply here is not unlimited. Every day, the app will give you one Bagel who is your perfect match for the day. You can take the day to decide if you want to go ahead with them and like them back to start a conversation.

That’s why you can really get in-depth into the profile and showcase more about yourself to get someone who can really go along with you on a long run. Even if you don’t get a serious relationship out of here, you won’t get the cringe like I got with some desperate Tinder Jacks… or unwanted **** pics.

You get some days to interact and check if you want to exchange numbers with your Bagel or not. Isn’t that taking is low good? (No pun intended)

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