Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attack

Easy Ways to Protect Yourself from Ransomware Attack

I was under a ransomware attack, this has not worried me much if I was not having the most important database that all was encrypted, seriously! it was a nightmare to realize that the whole year accounting documents are not anymore with me, that QuickBooks and quicken database is corrupt by a hacker and all that happened in a glimpse, however I was able to fix the encrypted file without paying anything, probably I was lucky but always prevention is better than cure so I am sharing my learnings and how I am protecting my devices from such attacks.

Ransomware is a type of malware that locks the victim’s computer data basically by encrypting the data. Before granting access to the data a demand is made to make the payment to decrypt the data. Unlike other cyber attacks, the victim is notified after their system is infected. The purpose of the attack nearly always money.

Ransomware can enter into your system through an infected website or an external hard drive. It can enter through email attachment. Or they may use other option which does not require interaction. The payment is always demanded by a virtual currency so that the identity of the hacker remains hidden

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Ransomware- Types and Growth

Ransomware causes important data leakage and information loss of the organization or home users. It has been around since 26 to 27 years ago. It was first introduced as the name of AIDS Trojan spread by a floppy in a system.

Today there is two main type of ransomware is available in the market.

Encrypted Ransomware:

that is well known as a data locker ransomware. It basically locks the data or information available in the system. They use the advanced level encryption code and ask money from the victim to grant access to the files. Some popular examples of the data locker are Cryptolocker, Locker, Cryptowall.

Locker Ransomware: 

This is another form of the locker which locks the computer. Widely known as the computer locker. It basically locks the victims operating system. Stopping them to access any file folder from the system. After making the ransom the attacker unlock the system.

There are other types of ransomware you should stay away from. These are Master Boot Record, Android ransomware. They can attack anytime anywhere or infect any system.


There are certain ways you can prevent the Ransomware attack.

Steps to Prevent Ransomware Attack:

Ransomware can be considered to be the most dangerous type of cyber attack. Damage goes beyond repairing if a proper measure is not taken.

Follow these steps to prevent the Ransomware Attack.

  • Take a Data Backup:

If you take a regular backup of your files and information it will fail the ransomware attack in the first place. When you are attacked with Ransomware you will lose all the data in your system. In that case, if you take a backup then you can completely restore your information and data.

  • Mail with .EXE File:

If the mail you are using has the ability to scan the files by using an extension. Then you should use the extension to filter out the mail with .exe files.

  • Update the Operating System

If you are using an old version of the operating system then you need to update your operating system to the latest version. However, you should always keep your version of OS up to date. So, when there is an update about latest bug and patches. Your system will update that automatically.

  • Update the Antivirus:

Always use an updated antivirus in your system. That will protect your system from malware everytime you go online. Always turn on the auto-update option in your antivirus program. When there is an update you don’t have to search for an update it will automatically take the update.

  • Hidden file extension:

If you enable the hidden file extension then you will never be able to identify the suspicious files. Ransomware always arrives in the system with a file name PDF.EXE. If you disable the hidden file extension then you can see the full extension of a file and deny the suspicious files.

So, these are the possible way you can prevent the ransomware attack. Follow these steps to stay face with your information and data.


So, these are all about ransomware attack. Try to safe while using the internet, keep a data backup either on any flash drive or on the cloud. I try to cover as much possible as I can about Ransomware attack.

If I miss out on something. Comment down below and I will add that part in my next article.

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