Striking Difference B/w Cinemabox And Playbox HD- Comparison & Features

Striking Difference B/w Cinemabox And Playbox HD- Comparison & Features

One cool happening in apps authoring is the need to meet users’ demand for new features and products. PlayBox HD maker lives to the characteristic of providing for users need by coming out with CinemaBox for Android devices. If you are familiar with PlayBox use on Android, you get to know that it requires APK files to run on Androids, but the CinemaBox covers for that missing link for Android users.

Therefore, the major difference is how a user can use both products on Android devices. We will look at both products’ features to identify more differences between the two.

In fact, if you observe both apps carefully, you may not notice any difference between them. However, a few things you need to note from the two apps that set them apart from one another.

Here are a few differences between CinemaBox and PlayBox HD Apps

  1. The speed in CinemaBox is not as fast as PlayBox HD. Excellent loading of movie streaming apps is experienced with faster speed performance gives you cool feeling. This is why most users, unknowingly stick with PlayBox HD because its response level is very high to give you seamless movie and TV shows watching experience.
  1. Different Photo Gallery. CinemaBox presents an exclusive photo gallery of the films, not in the same way PlayBox does it. You will notice that the way CinemaBox presents its photo gallery allows the user to see film images easier and it’s so cool.

  1. The interface. Some differences may be noticed in the Program interface of the two apps. If you have the two apps on your phone, try opening each one to notice the difference in the picture arrangement. If you are lucky to have PlayBox HD icon on your App Store, you can launch it to see how it feels. Through the interface in PlayBox HD, you can select the download icon and download some movies and get it stored in the download folder of your device. With CinemaBox, instead of showing download films, it shows synced movies.
  1. File sharing. PlayBox allows you to share video files on your computer, but CinemaBox doesn’t. When you connect your device to a Mac, it will display the PlayBox icon on the desktop, and you can access all your downloaded movies on the computer. CinemaBox will not give you your file on the computer or Mac desktop.
  1. Don’t delete PlayBox icon if it shows. If you are lucky to have the PlayBox icon on your device desktop, please don’t delete it as it might not come back again.

Apart from the above-observed functionality of PlayBox and CinemaBox, every other thing in both apps is the same. Both apps provide great user experience and are a cool way to enjoy unlimited access to movies and TV shows. There are some good alternative too for both of these apps like Kodi tv, crackle, Viewster etc.

For Android and iOS users, both apps offer excellent user experience once you master how to use them. Therefore, you can feel free to pick any of the apps you want but note the above bits of differences if you care so much about them.

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