Photo Editor by Aviary Download And Review

Photo Editor by Aviary Download And Review

The importance of having a photo editing application on your Android device can not be emphasized enough. It is quite essential for us, millennials, to have one because we want the world to know what we are doing right then and there. And what better option than sharing images of us doing the things that we do! But before we take a picture to share, we first need to make sure that the photo is no lesser than a photo clicked by a professional. And this marks the entrance of the photo editing applications. Photo Editor by Aviary is one of the most powerful and compact photo editing application across platforms. And now let us take a look at the reason behind it being one of the best.

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What makes Photo Editor by Aviary Stand Out?

One of the things that make this App one of the best photo editors out there is because most of the features come for free along with the app. This app can be downloaded and installed for free across devices and platforms. It is supported on Android platforms, iOS platforms, Windows platforms. So that covers the largest part of smartphone devices across the world. But while the app comes for free, there are some additional effects which have to be bought from the store to gain full access.

This app brings together the basic photo editing tools and brilliant filters to make the images just perfect. This tool lets the users do the basic editing like cropping, adjusting brightness and contrast and rotating the image.

photo editor by aviary

It also comes with a One Tap Enhancer. This option makes your photo look much brighter and adjusted and precise than the original one. You can just get a professional look and feel to your image with just one tap using this tool.

It also lets you add text to your images to get that personal touch. You can also use focus tilt shift feature to make a particular part or object in the photograph stand out. There is also the option of using color splash. Color Splash means that you choose a specific color and tone present in the picture and make that visible while draining all the other colors away.

In addition to these tools, the app comes with 12 filters that you can use for free. But you can get additional filter packages using in-app purchase. The packages cost 0.99 $ each.

And all of that said, features like red-eye removal, blemish removal, teeth whitening tool, and sticker are tools that deserve a mention. And the user interface is really cool and easy to use. It lets amateurs and professional feel equally at ease.

You may download the application through the following links: Photo Editor by Aviary for Android, Photo Editor by Aviary for iOS  Or Try in Play Store


Photo Editor by Aviary is without any doubt one of the best photo editing tools that are there. The fact that it can be accessed via different platforms makes it even more attractive.

The tools that they have are more than just capable of doing all the things that the users expect them to achieve. And the vintage filter collection that they provide are interesting and unfailingly give all the photos that edge over others.

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