Photo Editor Pro Download And Review

Photo Editor Pro Download And Review

Ours is the age of fast paced actions and digital sharing. And we can not help but share moments of our lives on our social networking accounts. And we want the world to know what we are doing right then. But the photos that we click are not always of the right consistency or articulate enough to express our feelings. Hence, we are in this dire need of having a photo editor on your mobile devices. Yes, our phones are smart, and they more often than not come with an internal photo editing function. But our need transcends that, and we are on the lookout for a better option. Photo Editor Pro is one image editing application for Android devices that comes real handy at times like this.

Photo Editor Pro is developed by Zentertain, who specialize in creating image editing tools. They have some apps for photo editing and making collages as well a few music related apps too. Photo Editor Pro is perhaps their best creation and one of the most popular one as well. The app has been downloaded over 100 million times from the Google Play Store alone. This clearly shows the popularity of the app among the users.

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This app has all the essential tools that you might need for your standard editing needs. It is has one simple user interface that guides the amateur photographers and editors.

The photo editing tools that they provide are enough to satisfy most people. They have options for cropping, rotating images. The crop feature comes with predefined aspect ratios as well which makes it easier for the users to select a particular section of the picture.

Photo Editor Pro comes with tools that let you draw and add texts to your photos. They also have this ‘color splash‘ feature which is a significant addition. And one thing that makes this particular application is that they have no other functionality other than editing photos. So you are not unnecessarily diverted to collage making and other tools. It is fast; it is sleek, and it is good at what it does.

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However, the best part about this app is that they have ‘One Tap Enhancer‘. Using this simple tool you can instantly adjust the backlight of the picture you just clicked on your phone and make some more additional touch-ups that are required to make the photo eligible to share with your friends on social networking sites.

You may get the app installed on your Android device by following this link: Download Photo Editor Pro


While there are many positive sides to this app, there are a few aspects which will let you down. For starters, this app requires the users to download additional files for getting the frames and stickers collection.

The ad pop-ups are enough to get on your nerves as they appear across the screen every time you open the app or finish editing an image. But this again is a necessary evil for the developers because it is the ads that bring in the profit.


Zentertain’s Photo Editor Pro is perfect for all the people need the necessary tools to make their images look brighter and better and get a professional look with simple steps. But if you are a professional photographer, this app might not be sufficient enough to fulfill your needs.

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