Music Visualizer App Review and Download

Music Visualizer App Review and Download

Our age is the age of digitization. We are doing taking help of the digital world all the time. Even our music and videos are tainted with the color of digitalization. With the special effects in movies, it is only natural that even while listening to music we want to have some of that touch. Thus the advent of music visualization and apps that perform this particular task. Music Visualizer is one of those apps.

But before we begin to look at the features of Music Visualizer, let us first have an insight about music visualization. Music visualization is a digitized form of automatically generated imagery based on the music that is playing. This imagery is rendered in real time and makes changes to keep at par with the music track that the app is playing. There are many forms and types of visualization that are there. There are simple ones like the classic sound bars that go up and down as the music flows in higher and lower pitch. And there are complicated ones too which incorporate a number of effects. This process generally takes account of the loudness and the spectrum of the frequency of the particular music track.

Music Visualizer is one app that plays music files and generates such imagery for the audience and the viewer.

Features of the app Music Visualizer:

To begin with, the features of this app, let us first take a look at the availability of this app. This app which is developed by the developers h6a_h4i, as seen on the Play Store, is easily available for installing on your Android devices on the Google Play Store.

You can also click on this link to get to the download page: Install Music Visualizer.

music visualizer

Music visualizer has 11 different types of digitized rendition of visualization. They have the simplest ones and the more compact ones. And it is quite imperative that any music visualization app has their own music player. They have an integrated music player with equalizer and more. The music player also has audio effects panel.

The visualization can be controlled by gestures. A single tap shows the media file information while a double tap acts as pause and play. A long tap on the screen opens the tab with different audio visualization renderers. And in addition to this, drawing a circle on the display enables repeat all feature while doing the same twice enable repeat one song.

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There are some additional unique features to this app too which makes it more attractive than the other apps with similar functions. Music Visualizer has a Daydream Mode. Though this particular aspect is more than alluring, it is only available for Android 4.2 and above. And another such feature is Snoop Mode. With Snoop Mode on you can use this app with another media player on your device. So if you are biased towards some particular music player, you can enjoy the song being played in that app while you enjoy the visual effects on this app.


This app is a good one for music visualization. Music Visualizer has many features that make it stand out among the host of similar apps. The only two limitations of this app are the select few visual effect renderer and the fact that it does not support all the music players in Snoop Mode. A popular player SoundCloud is not compatible to play with this app. But other than this, this app is definitely one of the best music visualization apps that are there.

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