Audacity Review And Download

Audacity Review And Download

Audacity is one of the best audio editors that are available. Music editing forms an important part of every musician and aspiring musician, actually anybody who likes to experiment with music, these days. And Audacity provides them with more or less every basic tool that they expect to have in any music editing application. This application is only available for PCs, be it Windows, Mac, Linux or Unix.

Audacity lets the users record audio tracks and edit them as well. They also have a separate panel that is dedicated to making audio podcasts. There is this option which lets you import music from storage devices and more. The export option is the same, and you can save the audio track in any storage device that you want to. This open source audio editor might be exactly what you need to start off with music editing.


Audacity being an audio editor obviously has features like trim, fade in and fade out transitions. But the other features are what matter for making some really cool music on your own.

You can add multiple tracks to create a new track. The device toolbar of the app is able to manage multiple recordings and different playback devices. And to add to this, you can also dub over an existing track to create a multitrack recording.


With the level meter tool, you can control the volume of the recording before, after and during the recording session.

You get to use an array of plug-ins and tools for additional effects. You can minimize the noise of a track to give it that smooth feeling of the professional recordings. You can also reduce the vocal composition of a track to turn the audio track into a karaoke track.

Audacity app also lets the users adjust the pitch while maintaining the speed and vice versa. This particular feature comes in real handy while recording a vocal track for mixing. It also has sound activated recording and timer recording features within the app.

And as for the quality of the track, tracks can be recorded as 24-bit depth across the platforms it supports. Also, the sample rates of a recording can go up to 384,000 Hz depending on the hardware. For this high rate, one needs to have high-resolution devices. Other than that the standard rate is 192,000 Hz. It also supports both 16-bit, 24-bit and 32-bit sample quality.

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And last but one of the most important aspects is the readability of audio formats. The app is able to both import and export files in multiple formats; ranging from MP3, WAV, AU, FLAC, and others. One can even import raw files and the fast ‘on-demand’ import for FLAC and WAV files. The ‘on-demand’ feature allows the users to start working on the track without having to wait for the file to load.

And one particular aspect may make this application reach the utmost level of attractive to music editors. This particular option is Automatic Recovery. So if you computer shuts down abruptly or hangs, you do not need to worry about the all the work that you had so carefully done but could not save. It all comes back once you restart the application on your computer. But this, and it can not be emphasized enough, is only available in case of abrupt termination of the app.

You may download Audacity audio editor from this link: Download Audacity


While there are many amazing features in Audacity, there are certain limitations as well. First of all, even though the app is free to install and is available for a free trial run, there are many limitations during this trial run. You might not be able to export the audio track if not subscribed with an activation code.

It also does not let you have plug-ins for multiple VST effect plug-ins at the same time. You can either get the 32-bit or the 64-bit.

While this audio editor lets the users import and export many file formats, it does not allow to work on AAC, WMA and a few more formats that are similarly popular with musicians and editors.


After carefully examining all of the features, the pros and the cons of this audio editor, it will only be justified to state that Audacity is ndoubtedly one of the best audio editing apps. It is easy to use, even with all the complicated functions. The fact that it is an open source application has added to the immense popularity that the app has achieved since the inception in 1999.

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