VideoPad Video Editor Review

VideoPad Video Editor Review

Having a good video editor is a must for all the people who are interested in making movies, or at the very least editing a video. And there are many types of video editor. The easy to use ones to the very complex ones. There are ones that are compatible with Mobile devices, and there are ones that are exclusively meant for PCs with cutting edge configuration. VideoPAd Video Editor is one that is the combination of many great features as well as being compact enough to be downloaded and used on mobile devices.

This app gives the users access to the primary tools that professional video editors use, and they come in a comparatively small package as well. And the best part is that it is free for Android devices. And it is worth noting that despite the great features and tools that it has, it is not enough to make videos for a commercial viewing. When the exported video is played in HD definition TV screens, they seem to pixelate, and other small imperfections also become noticeable. But while this may seem to appear as problems, this app targets the users who want a good video editor for short movies and movies that are meant to be shared with their friends on social media networks and even upload on YouTube.

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As I have mentioned before, VideoPad Video Editor has a plethora of essential professional tools. They have many color filters and option for auto color correction. It also offers Chroma Key and Video Stabilizer to help you make the perfect short video.

To add to all that, it gives the users access to unlimited video editing tracks. So you can choose to make an easy-to-make movie or even a rather complex one based on your taste and need. And when I say unlimited, it is only a way of saying. But who needs more than 100 tracks to edit a movie!

videopad video editor

It has many effects and transitions that you can use to make your video more attractive. They offer 70 such styles of effects and transitions. Now this is comparatively less when you compare this app against that of Cyberlink Powerdirector. But the 70 that they offer takes care of your needs more or less.

When you are done editing a video, you can choose from a list of 10 different formats for the exported movie. But as I have said before, the quality of exported video might not be as good as the original video. But if the video you are editing is for sharing purpose and for watching on small screens, like mobile devices and tablets, then it will not be as much of a problem.

And last but not the least, the user interface requires a little time to get used to acclimatized with it. This little glitch is a result of having all those tools of professional quality in such a compact app. But once you are used to the interface, it becomes a great editor.

You may download the app from Google Play Store by clicking on this link: Install VideoPad Video Editor.

Bottom Line:

VideoPad Video Editor is one of the best video editing apps that are available in the market. It is perfect for those who want to make home-made small videos so that they can share with family and friends. The only con is the drop in quality of the exported video, but otherwise, it is a good application.

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