Movie Effect Creator: Comprehensive Review

Movie Effect Creator: Comprehensive Review

Our age is technologically advanced, and it reflects on the movies of our time too. The special effects that are used in the movies, be it a Sci-Fi or Action movie or a movie like “Life of Pie”, it is always there. And popular belief is that these type of video editing and special effects are too costly to use for laymen. But on the contrary, there are many applications that are easy to get that let anybody use some preset visual effects in their movies too. One such app is Movie Effect Creator.

Movie Effect Creator is one of the applications that bring the joy of editing movies with such special effects right on your mobile device. And who does not know that special effects are an integral part of filmmaking of our time! This app has many preset effects that you can easily add to a video that you have shot before. You can even directly shoot videos on this device to adjust the effect in a better way.

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Movie Effect Creator can be downloaded and installed for free on any Android device from the Google Play Store. It is free to use, but there is only a selection of effects that you will be able to use. Most other effects come for a price. You can get those special effects from using the in-app purchase option.

It has a host of special effects to add to videos. It has a variety of range, starting from Zombies and other horror effects to the funny comical ones that we see in the Hollywood movies. The users can add tornadoes, missiles, drones, UFOs to their choice of videos.

movie effect creator

As I have mentioned before, you can even shoot the video right from the app so that the effect that you are applying matches with the shot you are taking to have the best effect.

And most of these effects are in HD. So the result that you have is an amazing High Definition movie that is not just attractive but has almost the same qualities as the action, adventure or horror movies that we see on big screens in Multiplexes.

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The app also comes with instant share options. You can share the video that you have made with the app on social networking sites and YouTube right from the app. Thus this app does not only make it much easier for you to make movies with great visual effects but also lets you share the same with your friends instantly.

The only problem, however, and a big one too is that you can only take a short shot. You can not take long shots. So you can make several 15 seconds shots and then you can merge them together to get your movie. But we all know how problematic this becomes.

You may install the app from Google Play Store from this link: Download Movie Effect Creator

Bottom Line:

One of the most prominent complaints of the users is the frequent advertisements that pop up when you are trying to edit using the app. The developers made this app free to use and thus are heavily dependent on the ad pop ups.

Despite the fact that this app is a good one if you are trying to get some crazy visual effects for your videos, the ads may get on your nerves.

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