FxGuru: Movie FX Director For Mobile Devices Review

FxGuru: Movie FX Director For Mobile Devices Review

FxGuru is one of the coolest FX movie editors for mobile devices. With this application, making movies become so much easier than before. And the effects that the developers of FxGuru Picadelic offer are enough to blow your mind. The effects are all quite easy to use and give you the effect similar to that of a high quality and high priced editing of the Sci-Fi or Action movies that you love.

With the help of the special effects provided by FxGuru Movie FX Director, you can become the short, and who knows even a feature, the filmmaker that you aspire to be. You must be wondering how can that be! How can a simple app do the things that hours of shooting and editing are able to achieve? Despite the fact that it sounds quite impossible, it is the truth. The only catch is, you can make 10 to 20 seconds long movies at a time. But if you are interested in making movies, I’m pretty sure you know how to add video clips together to make a complete film. So there!

Now, let us take a look at the features that FxGuru Movie FX Director provides and how do they work.



MotionMatch is the most incredible feature of FxGuru Movie FX Director. This particular tenet makes it easier for the users to incorporate the special effects in the videos that they want to create. MotionMatch shows the person taking the video where the desired effect will be placed in the video.

A red outline shows the user where the effect that he or she has chosen is going to be placed. Because of this Red outline, the movement of the camera can also be controlled. Thus making the process of filming it easier. It is due to this feature that editing hardly takes much time.

Video Special Effects:

FxGuru Movie FX Director is free to download from the Google Pay Store (Click here for the link). and it comes with a few select filters that can be used for free. Apart from that, every day they have a special filter to use for free.

The developers at Picadelic have added more than 90 special effect filters for videos in their collection. New filters are frequently updated.

While some of the filters are free, many have to be bought at the store.

The collection of filters contains ones like UFO Invasion, UFO Calling, Drone Strike, Rocket Launcher, Tornado and much more. They have a vast range to select the filter from. With these special effects, you can easily turn the uneventful crossing of your block into a place where some robot is striking people. Or if you want to, you can just get a drone attack the old car in your garage that you can not stand.

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Bottom Line:

The FxGuru Movie FX Director app is really easy to use and comes for free with a few select filters. And you do not have to buy the rest of the filters right when you download the app, which gives you time enough to use the free special effects to see whether you want the app or not. And if you are impressed, you can just buy the other FX effects later.

This app deserves a tryout at least once due to the awesome filters that they provide which are not much lesser than the effects that we see in the big budget movies.

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